3D Studio Max 2020.3 Released

Autodesk has announced the incremental update to 3DS Max version 2020.3 which succeeds 2020 with enhancement to its existing toolset.

Changes include:

  • ATF Importer Enhancement
  • Chamfer and Modeling improvements
  • Viewport Enhancements
  • 3DS Max to Arnold Update- MAXtoA
  • Others
    • PySide2 updated to 5.12.4 to match Qt version to resolve some instability
    • Addressed issue preventing Python developers to access with consistent results Python APIs and properties imported into Maxscript.
    • Physical Camera from previous version scenes no longer cause unpredictable behavior
    • Bitmaps used in OSL Map were previously locked from saving in other editing applications
    • UnwrapUVW
      • Texture Selection fixed when changing material IDs
      • Texture dropdown no longer loses all textures when reset
      • Select All and Inverse no longer select hidden or frozen UVs




Abhishek is a Finance Professional and has worked in multiple MNCs. However, he is also an avid tech reader and tinkerer with over 20 years of experience. His passions include 3D animation and drawing Illustrations. His creations can be viewed at www.artstation.com/abhifx

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