AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Spec Leaks: 64C/128T, 288MB cache

We already speculated it and now videocardz (how do they even do it) has the full specification of the flagship CPU aiming at HEDT segment, The Threadripper 3990X. Threadripper 3000 line up known as castle peak which sports the newest updated Zen 2 cores.

This CPU, now that the specs are open will be so powerful that Intel won’t have any response to it. The worlds’ first 64 core HEDT CPU will have massive 64 cores and even more massive 128 threads. The cache also speaks volumes of this beast as it will be limited to whopping 288MB. The magic is right here with TDP limited to 280W.

The other 3000 series Threadrippers are already providing much heat as the little sibling 3960X has 24 Cores and 48 Threads and the middle one, 3970X has 32cores 64 threads.

The motherboard supporting this threaded CPU is based on TR4+ sockets.

Everything about Threadripper CPUs is epic (see what we did here?), including Alien tower looking package.

Let’s see how intel will respond with either price drop or launch of Xeon as HEDT platform (highly unlikely).




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