Flatpak 1.6 Released

A new Flatpak is released which is now a massive update from 1.5 and has improvements on self-sandboxing, a new permission option for direct CUPS access for printing, and various clean-ups and other code improvements. There is also a new portal API.

Other changes

  • New permissions –socket=cups for direct cups access
  • Fix some leaks
  • Fix reporting of progress with the latest version of ostree
  • New no-interaction flag for authenticators
  • Support for auto-installing authenticators from a flatpak remote
  • Warn less about unset XDG_DATA_DIRS
  • Don’t poll for updates in the portal when on a metered connection

Why Flatpak?

Before flatpak and other sandboxing systems, every Linux distribution had its own installation manager and updating software was a nightmare unless every related library was updated by the distro and the whole system was updated. Flatpak solves this problem by packing as many dependencies in a single package thus updating software is easy as it does not rely on distros dependency.

Get the Source code from here.

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