Foundry Announces Nuke 12.1

Foundry’s onslaught of a new version of its popular CG tools continues and has now announced the version of its flagship product Nuke with 12.1 tag. Nuke is a node-based digital compositing and visual effect application used for post-production effects.

Christy Anzelmo, Foundry’s Director of Product – Compositing & Finishing, comments, “This next release, Nuke 12.1, is a broad and varied one responding to many user requests. I’m excited that we’ve been able to focus on enhancing the day-to-day work of artists and developers including improvements to some areas that have been dormant for a while, such as key updates and extensions to BlinkScript and Particles, a new Shuffle workflow and support for high DPI monitors and popular codecs and cameras. These long-awaited improvements in core systems will improve the experience of our users and extend what’s possible in the Nuke family.”

Here are the changes:

New Shuffle Node: With a more user-friendly UI, the updated node improves stability and offers consistent channel ordering relative to the previous Shuffle node. Plus, it can now support one or two inputs and up to eight channels per layer.

Updated Nuke Spherical Transform and Bilateral: Foundry has added increased functionality and GPU support in Nuke. SphericalTransform has a new MirrorBall projection method, alongside access to the standard set of Nuke filter methods. Both nodes take advantage of the CaraVR GPU performance improvements added in Nuke 12.1

Cara VR GPU Caching: Improvements to Nuke’s GPU processing architecture result in significant performance improvements for chains of nodes that use this new behavior.

New BlinkScript Particle Support: NukeX now includes a new ParticleBlinkScript node. This node allows users to write BlinkScripts which operate on particles and further enables users to write their own custom Particle nodes.

Lens Distortion Workflow Improvements: The NukeX LensDistortion node has been improved to offer a more intuitive experience and provide all the features at the fingertips. 

Grid Warp Tracker Improvements: The NukeX Grid Warp Tracker introduced in Nuke 12.0 has several improvements to help control and move data where users need to in a script. Introduced new export options, allowing users to export tracking data from the GripWarpTracker node to a Tracker (baked), a Tracker (linked) or a Transform node.

QuickTime Audio MultiOS & Surround Sound Support: QuickTime Audio can now imported directly into Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer without the need to extract and import the audio as a separate Wav file. Multichannel audio support has been added in Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer. 

Bin and Track Item Version Linking: Now, changing the version of a clip on the project bin, or on a sequence, will change all other instances of the same clip that exist in the same sequence or in any other sequences. This streamlines the process of updating sequences.

HieroPlayer Artist Review and Flipbook in Nuke: New instances of HieroPlayer will now launch faster, improving artists’ overall experience when using HieroPlayer as a flipbook tool. Launch speeds for new instances of HieroPlayer on Windows and macOS are improved by a factor of 1.2x and on Linux, the increase is up to 1.5x. Nuke 12.1 includes the ability to use HieroPlayer as a flipbook tool for Nuke and NukeX

Enjoy the Feature video below:

Nuke 12.1 is out now!




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