Intel Demos Tiger Lake with Xe Graphics

Intel did it, they have not shown any of the specifications of its Xe based GPU but has demons game running on the live silicon residing in Tiger Lake CPU.

Enter Tiger Lake

Intel officially launched 10th Gen Mobile line up based on 14nm process and teased even the generation beyond it called Tiger Lake CPU. The tradition continues and Intel has stated that Tiger lake will be based on 10nm+ node and will use Willow Cove architecture.

As per Intel, Tiger Lake will bring groundbreaking changes that include not only a more powerful and optimized core but will also consolidate AI acceleration and discrete graphics level GPU based on Xe. The GPU is said to have double the GPU performance from its predecessor. However, we don’t know that if this is based in DG1 GPU. This will also include Thunderbolt 4, WiFi 6 with Gigabit Ethernet. The willow cove architecture will enable brand new cache optimization and enhanced security which intel needs as its image has taken toll with vulnerabilities.

DG1- Xe in action

DG1 has made news before by Raja Koduri himself which will in turn become the first discrete GPU by Intel after a long time. DG1 “hummed” into life long back but Intel wanted to showcase that development is going at full blazing speed. Intel demoed Destiny 2 running on DG1. However, no specification or performance figures were shared.

Intel has already detailed its HPC centric GPU called Ponte Vecchio. This is GPU will have

  1. An exascale GPU design
  2. Manufactured at 7nm sporting 2x density from 10nm
  3. Chiplet Technology (MCM design): Ponte Vecchio will use 16 compute chiplet. This is similar to what Nvidia will be aiming with Hopper GPU.
  4. Foveros and EMIB technology to join chiplets: Forveros technology to interconnect with the Rambo cache which would be shared across several other Xe HPC GPUs. EMIB would be used to connect the HBM memory with the GPUs.
  5. GPU with GPU will be connected using Compute eXpress Link (CXL) utilising PCIe 5.0 lanes.

Raja has proclaimed this GPU as Daddy of All GPU and we cant wait to see what the blue team brings to the table.




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