Intel Unveils 10th Gen Mobility CPUs which can Break 5 Ghz Barrier.

Intel has taken the opportunity at CES 2020 and has announced its COmet Lake – H family of mobile CPUs which will succeed Coffee lake-H family of CPUs which were also based on 14nm, but Comet Lake-H will be based in refined 14nm design.

The parts will begin from Core i5 to Core i9 where Core i5 CPUs would feature 4 cores & 8 threads, the Core i7 CPUs would feature 6 cores & 12 threads and Core i9 CPUs would feature 8 cores & 16 threads.

Coming to slock speed, Intel has disclosed that Core i7 CPUs would feature up to 5.0+ GHz.


Intel has compared its new line up with AMD Ryzen 3000 mobility CPU. When compared to AMD Ryzen 7 3700U with the Core i7-10710U, Intel has stated that its chip was up to 3.00x faster while the Core i7-1065G7 was up to 5.71x faster.

In gaming, the Ice Lake chip was up to 63% faster.

Even the integrated Gen 11 GPU performed admirably against the Vega GPU in AMD.

Intel power backup was also more compared to AMD counterpart.

Tiger Lake

Intel also disclosed a sneak peek of Tiger Lake– it’s the next mobile platform beyond Ice Lake. Intel did confirm that Tiger lake will have Xe graphics. This will provide full INT8 support for AI workloads

Meanwhile, we wait for AMD’s announcement today which may introduce 4000 series mobility parts that might blow Intel out of the water once again.


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