Intel’s cheaper Celeron and Pentium CPUs to get new instructions, Xe GPU, Thunderbolt

Intel’s new CPU cheaper CPU models aka Celeron and Pentiums based on tiger lake architecture are set to receive new high-end features that were previously only available to their “i” series CPU.

AVX Instruction: The newly launched Celeron 6305 and Pentium Gold 7505 will have new AVX instructions including AVX2 and the AVX512-VNNI. This will particularly help in accelerating Neural instruction, also known as Intel Deep Learning Boost technology. As reported by Toms Hardware.

New GPU: These CPUs will also boast Intel’s Xe-LP GPU with 48 EUs. This will make these entry-level CPUs more powerful in graphical areas compared to old Core i7 with Iris Pro based GPU.

Thunderbolt Support: processors feature Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

TurboBoost: These CPUs for the first time will feature turboboost 2.0, which can take clock speed upto 3.5Ghz.

What these CPUs still lack is support for PCIE 4.0 support as they support only PCIE 3.0.

The said CPUs are dual core but Pentium CPU boast hyperthread support making it 4 thread CPU. They will also support 4 displays at a time and will be manufactured with 10nm fabrication process which is the biggest factor for Tiger Lake based CPU.




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