Khronos Group Announces OpenVX 1.3

Khronos group is a consortium that has multiple open standards under its belt including OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL etc. and is supported by Industry Behemoths. Since Artificial Intelligence is taking over the compute world by storm with no clear standard in sight, Khronos Group has devised OpenVX.

With this in mind, a new version of OpenVX is announced which enables implementation of for a specific functionality but still be conformant to the OpenVX standard.

Designed to offer a cross-platform standard for the acceleration of computer vision and other machine intelligence workloads which is royalty-free and open and with a focus on portability and power efficiency.

The newly announced standard also comes with code sample and performance test suit. This time a Raspberry Pi 3 also gets code sample and conformance test suit thanks to muticoreware.

List fo new features for the enthusiast is as below

  • Base feature set (Basic graph infrastructure)
  • Vision (OpenVX 1.1 equivalent vision functions)
  • Enhanced Vision (Vision functions introduced in OpenVX 1.2)
  • Neural Network (OpenVX 1.2 equivalent neural-network functions, plus the neural network extension and the tensor objects)
  • NNEF (Kernel import plus the tensor objects)
  • Binary Image support (U1)
  • Deployment feature set (for safety critical usage)

Read more about OpenVX here.



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