Micron now launches Worlds Fastest Xpoint based NVMe SSD

Micron and Intel had co-developed a memory technology that would combine the features of DRAM and persistent storage. Although the promised DRAM like speed could not achieved, Intel went ahead and launched its Xpoint based product with brand name Optane.

Micron has now finally announced and launched X100 SSD which are promised to deliver world fastest performance with 9GB/s of sequential performance in both read, write, and mixed workloads, and up to 2.5 million random IOPS.

Not only that latency is claimed to be at 8 Microseconds which is even better than Intel’s latency of 10 microseconds.

Micron had initially announced the launch of QuantX SSD based on 3D Xpoint but the product never came to fruition.

In summary, Micron X100 SSD has

  • Up to 2.5M IOPs
  • More than 3X faster than competitive SSD offerings
  • More than 9GB/s read and write bandwidth
  • Consistent R/W latency of ≤ 8µs
  • PCIe 3.0 support


Abhishek is a Finance Professional and has worked in multiple MNCs. However, he is also an avid tech reader and tinkerer with over 20 years of experience. His passions include 3D animation and drawing Illustrations. His creations can be viewed at www.artstation.com/abhifx

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