Microsoft Surface Phone is Real – Uses Android OS

This headline is even more dramatic than the famous quote of “Microsoft Loves Linux”. After being a competitor for iOS and Android for a long time and even pulled the trigger by acquiring Nokia Mobiles (A sad day indeed), Mand we assumed that Microsoft’s days of Mobile phones are over. But Surprise surprise… Microsoft has caved in and are themselves using Android for their, wait for it, Dual Screen Android Phone dubbed the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Before you jump and cry in horror or happiness (whichever camp you are in), the launch window is in “Holiday 2020”.

Surface Duo is the first Surface to fit in your pocket. Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft productivity experiences, Android apps and Surface hardware design into a single device you can take anywhere. And, yes, it makes phone calls


Not Much has been revealed yet but as seen, this a foldable phone, but not with a foldable display. Technically this is not a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold or Huawei. This is more of a poor man’s fold device with two separate screens attached with a hinge. it uses two 5.6 inch displays to unfold and become 8.3 inches.


This is an Android Operating system. But we all expected Microsoft centric applications to fill in the void of Google services. This is partially true but the mobile does support Google Play services and has play store installed.



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