Next Gen Nvidia GPU Benchmark Leaks: 7552 Cores, 24GB VRAM, 40%+ performance than Titan RTX

Two Unknown Nvidia GPUs are making round in the Geekbench with internal specs worthy of being next-next gen GPUs. These GPUs are being reported to have massive core counts and equally massive VRAM on board. This is sort of inline with an earlier leak, however, the specs are even more beefed up.

The Bigger One

The top end GPU out of the two leaked has 118 Compute Units (CUs). These units further has their GPU cores called CUDA cores. Considering the present scheme of 64 CUDA cores per CU, this GPU could host a whopping 7,552 CUDA cores. The present consumer champion Geforce RTX 2080 Ti has a puny 4352 CUDA cores. This is more than 50% jump in cores. The GPU has a 1.11 GHz base clock and 23.8GB of onboard memory. This is strange as the clock speed is just too low considering the next-gen fabrication process will be used by these GPUs and the VRAM listed in decimal is also weird.

This GPU put up an impressive score of 184,096 points in Geekbench’s OpenCL benchmark Score.

The Smaller than Bigger One

The second graphics card reportedly has 108 CUs, which again taking 64 Cores per CU amounts to 6,912 CUDA cores. The graphics card has a 1.10 GHz base clock and has 46.8GB of memory at its disposal.

This GPU however scored141,654 points in Geekbench 5’s OpenCL benchmark.

Next Geforce of Enterprise Card?

What is so strange about this listing is the massive VRAM being deployed with these GPUs. This could probably be an enterprise oriented GPU where such massive memory configurations make sense as huge memory means more expensive.

Now instead of fully killing hope hopes for gamers, one of them could land as potential Titan RTX which means the final product will be immensely powerful as these engineering samples seems to be running at a low clock speed as of now.

As usual, these are just leaks and could be wrong altogether, but these leaks are at least giving hope for new announcements in the next GTC ( GPU Technology Conference) which Nvidia will be organising soon.




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