Nvidia Rumored to add ReShade filters with Upcoming Driver

VideoCardz has new information or rather a confirmation from its sources that Nvidia will be adding ReShade filters inside its official drivers. The ReShade filter can be configured through GeForce experience.

What is Reshade?

ReShade is a post processing filter system which can be injected to any games and thus can add lots of graphical enhancements like Antialiasing, colour filter, DOF, Ray tracing (yes even screen space ray tracing can be added) etc can be added which are not natively supported by games.


Usage of post processing injectors are not new and has been in use for many years and is hardware vendor agnostic i.e. can be used in AMD, Intel and Nvidia GPUs.

What changes here is that the ReShade filters need not be installed separately for Nvidia users and the official support might reduce querkyness of reshade filters. The Reshade filters are notorious for crashes and slowdown of games. It is not yet confirmed that Nvidia will add some sort of polishing and optimisation.

Since Reshade is avaiable to everyone, we might also see them in future AMD GPU drivers if this takes off.

Sample videos of reshade usage are below



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