Open Source Rendering Engine LuxCoreRender 2.3 is Released

The open-source physically based rendering engine LuxCoreRender has a new release. Dubbed as LuxCoreRender 2.3, this new version has tons of new features that come after 6 months of development.

what is Luxcorerender and what is renderer in general?

A 3d renderer relies on other 3d programs to create assets such as human, car etc models. Such assets are given materials based on certain characteristics like metal, plastic etc and are then converted to final output with the process called rendering.

Here are the latest features:

  • PhotonGI caustic cache re-factored to work with Vertex Merging (i.e. SPPM in this case)
  • It is now possible to use light tracing for normal caustics and PhotonGI cache for SDS paths
  • Added the support for shadow rays transparency for path tracers (aka hybrid glass)
  • Added the support for Subdivison shape (based on OpenSubdiv)
  • Added the support for Displacement shape
  • Added the support for vector displacement to Displacement shape
  • Added the support for screen space subdivision limit to SubdivShape
  • Added a Simplify shape (to decimate the number of triangles in a mesh with the smaller possible error)
  • Added the support the definition of meshes with multiple UVs, Colors and Alphas
  • Added the BAKECPU engine (LuxCore API only)
  • Added the glTF v2.0 FILESAVER support (LuxCore API only)
  • Added the support for triplanar mapping
  • Added the support for UV-less bump mapping with triplanar mapping
  • Fixed and optimized the execution on CPU with high thread count (24+)

Huge shout out to Bone-Studio for making demonstrating video embedded below:

Download the latest version from here.




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