Open Source Smart TV Platform Powered by KDE is Announced

Are you concerned about your privacy? want to convert your old TV into a smart TV or just want good old open source experience on your TV? well, your dreams have come true and all you need is a Raspberry Pi 4 and KDE’s Plasma Bigreen interface.

KDE Bigscreen Interface with Voice Command

The Linux based Operating System has everything one needs for Smart TV experience which includes:

  • TV Interface: Interface specifically tailored for TV which can be easily maneuvered using a remote. It somewhat resembles Android Smart TV.
  • Open Source Voice Control Enabled: This is powered by an Open source AI assistant called Mycroft Ai. See more here
  • Privacy Focused: let’s face it, the Android TV, Amazon Fire Tv or Apple TV all gobble up your data for further monetization and thus your privacy is always in jeopardy. The open-source alternative fully respects your privacy or even better, user can enable/disable anything vide its source code availability
  • Free- Well, that’s one benefit from the software side, but the Raspberry Pi 4 must be purchased.
  • Open Source– Being part of KDE foundation which has all the source code available for user scrutiny, everyone can look at the code and can confirm nothing is funny here. Not to mention, experienced coding users can contribute to this project
  • Always Updated: Unlike Android where the software update is at the mercy of manufacturer or Google, this software stack is assumed to be supported for a very long time.
  • Remote Control Support: what is a TV interface without remote support? This project supports CEC standard and thus universal remotes work like a charm, including those with an inbuilt microphone.

Here is a cool video to see the interface in action

The Project is in beta state and can be downloaded from here for testing and feedback purposes.

Get more details in the brand new site here.

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