OPPO Teases Apple Esque Square Smart Watch- Curved Glass and ECG Included

OPPO, one of the most prominent mobile brands is bringing its own SmartWatch and this will bring Square shaped Curved edges on the smartwatch and what the rumor suggests, this will also have ECG support. If if you find this image a bit familiar, it is because this looks very similar to Apple’s Watch and Xiaomi’s Mi Watch. The tease comes right from the OPPO’s vice-president Brian Shen vide Weibo and from their official Twitter Handle.

Round face smartwatches are going out of fashion after Apple introduced its square shaped smartwatch and some Chinese brand has started following suit with Xiaomi getting a full features Mi Watch and a Mi Color Watch (which is more of a fitness band). Although Oppo’s implementation does look familiar with square shape and buttons on the side, there are some factors which sets it apart. The band seems to be of silicon material and with phone call functionality teased, this might have an eSIM option.

Oppo’s Watch seems to have a curved screen on the edges, making it much more stylish than Apple’s offering and it does not feature the famous crown on the side which Xiaomi has blatantly taken off from Apple. There are just two buttons on the side.

Why the Square Face?

It is no secret that the mobile operating system are designed for square/rectangle faced devices and adjusting them to round face has its own quirks. Like menu options etc not visible in circle form factor. Google’s own Wear OS is still not in prime time condition and the ecosystem is appalling at best. It seems even Apple had hard time adjusting and has stuck with square design. Thus Oppo and Xiaomi are implementing their own OS and sqaure shape seems like best bet.

Oppo’s event takes place on March 6th at 4:30AM ET where everything will be unveiled.




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