Qualcomm Announces Superpower efficient Bluetooth Chips for earbuds

Well, Qualcomm has always had Bluetooth chips incorporated into mobile devices and their AptX enabled headphones / earphones are also available. So what is new here? Qualcomm now has the QCC514x and QCC304x SoCs chips that now enables true AirPods like wireless earphones and have the additional capability of voice assistant support and are very low powered.

Here are the features

  • Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Mirroring technology: Tradibally Bluetooth was not designed for wireless earbuds, both the earpiece was supposed to be connected. Apple changed this and others follow suit. However, this means the old Bluetooth technology must compensate for both earbuds resulting in latency and reduction in quality. The Bluetooth SIG now has announced a new standard that now incorporates this feature. With these new chips, the Bluetooth connection will be more reliable and it handles connections to a phone through a single earbud
  • Hybrid ANC Support: Qualcomm has integrated its hybrid active noise cancellation system resulting in cheaper earbuds with noise cancellation support.
  • Onboard support for digital assistants: Qualcomm has launched two chips where the premium one supports always listening wake-word activation for voice assistants. The cheaper version offers push-button voice assistance. So you can go “Ok Google” whenever you feel like.
  • Power efficiency: These chips are so efficient that Qualcomm claims a 65mAh battery device can last up to 13 hours of continuous playback.


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