Rumor: 2020 iPhone to get 120Hz ProMotion Display

Apple already uses its high refresh rate promotion displays on their iPad Pro Line up which are aimed at professional users, However, a new report suggests the next gen iPhone might get the same treatment.

What is ProMotion Display?

The iPad Pro display has two distinct features aimed for professionals, the first being a high refresh rate of 120Hz which not only helps in viewing content in high FPS, it also helps on removing lag while using Apple Pencil. Secondly, the display also senses ambient lights and adjusts the colour of the screen so that it displays the correct colour all the time.

What one difference the screen will have is that the iPhone is supposed to OLED panel whereas iPad Pro has LCD panels. However, iPad pro might go even further with even more futuristic screen.

Now we know that Apple is gearing up for 5G iPhone for the next-gen, whether it will be Qualcomm modem or it’s in house modem is yet to be seen, what as a graphic enthusiast hope that future iPhone if they get Apple Pencil support then that will just sweeten up the deal.



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