Samsung wants to break 108MP barrier, May Announce 144MP Sensor

Samsung is rumored to be using 108MP sensor on its flagship Galaxy S11 and is already supplying 108MP sensors to Xiaomi. But they are not content at stopping there and are persuing even higher megapixel counts.

But why now? Because everything is falling in place.

Samsung last week announced a new facility to fab camera sensors with 14nm FinFET process. This may result in a smaller chip size and will be less power hungry.

Qualcomm has announced SOC that can use camera Sensors upto 200MP. Thus if this is the trend then every future SOC will support 200MP or more senor size opening the opportunity to fab higher megapixel sensors.

108MP sensors and gone mainline all thanks to Xiaomi.

Thus all these factors leads us to believe that 144MP Sensor is real and if we take 12MP images as standard, then using pixel binning, Samsung may achieve 2.4 micron size.

What is Pixel Binning?

First of all, let’s get this clear that megapixel has no bearing on quality of images which is determined by sensor size. Larger sensor size would result in better capturing of light which in turn makes great images. But smartphones have less scope of large sensor size due to form factor limitations and hence comes pixel binning to help.

Pixel binning is a process that is implemented at an Image Signal Processor level where an algorithm is used to combine information from multiple pixels into 1. This however also means the resolution also gets reduced by same factor. For example, if 4 pixels are binned to 1, the resolution gets reduced by 1/4th. The combination of data collected by adjacent pixels into one “super pixel” is called pixel binning and has the advantage of achieving higher sensor size “per pixel” and thus capturing better low light photography or photography in general.




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