SideFX Launches Houdini 18

The most popular and commonly used CG software famous for procedural 3d animation has a new major version by SideFX dubbed Houdini 18.

New features include

  • Solaris- new lookdev and layout toolset– The major new feature in Houdini is Solaris which enables less technically minded artists to use Houdini as a look dev and layout tool, using a non-destructive drag-and-drop workflow.
  • New Renderer– The next major change is introduction of Karma renderer is set to replace Mantra rendering engine.
  • The Bevel SOP gets support for convex bevels, plus better collision recognition.
  • Vellum Improvement- The cloth simulator introduced in Houdini 17 gets improvement by supporting velocity blending and now supports 64bit.
  • Faster Fluid Simulation
  • New Fracture tool
  • New Substance plugins and Python 3 support

There are many more features and can be seen in detail in the embedded presentation below:

Get more details here.



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