TCL to No Longer Produce Blackberry Phones

Once the pride of corporate mobile users who loved the hardware keyboard for quick reply on official tasks. Where people would get jealous of mails which had “sent from blackberry” in the bottom now is no longer in active hands of TCL.

The rise of touch based smartphones and the advent of the new OS like iPhone and Android killed the Blackberry OS as a software provider. This includes the attempt of the revival of Blackberry OS by using QNX as the base. However, the hardware division chugged along as TCL took the charge and licensed Blackberry name and reincarnated the phones under Android Guise.

However, Blackberry Mobile’s Official Twitter account has posted that the brand license acquired by TCL will expire on 31 August 2020. Post this, TCL will no longer sell any device with Blackberry Brand name.

This is inadvertently the last nail in the coffins of Blackberry Brand unless anyone else acquires the brand name. However, this seems like a difficult proposition as iPhone has already dominated that corporate choice of Operating System on mobile. Those who still own BlackBerry smartphones (which were manufactured by TCL of course) have still warranty service promised by TCL till 31 August, 2022.

Blackberry Motion – Courtesy Blackberry

It is sad to know that Blackberry is almost killed by Apple even though it has more antioxidants (yes this joke is as bad as it gets).



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