TSMC begins Constructing 3nm Facility.

TSMC as of now is unrivaled with its leadership in silicon manufacturing process and has top hardware manufacturers as clients vying for its process node including Apple, AMD, Nvidia, etc. Now they already have a second generation of 7nm products out now, but what is better than 7? well 3

TSMC has already claimed that its 6nm process is already under way with product taped out for one of its clients (let’s guess Apple here, it gets the cream of the crop anyway), and next big process node might be 5nm, TSMC is already going ahead and constructing 3nm facilities in southern Taiwan and production is scheduled for 2023. In a similar timeframe, Samsung has also committed 3nm process by 2022.

This as TSMC has put it, going smoothly whereas intel is still struggling with ramping up their 10nm facilities for its entire product line. However, with its quarterly financial reports, Intel has committed again to reclaim its leadership position in the manufacturing process and will commit to dual year node shrink cadence. Considering both TSMC and Samsung is getting ready for 2022-2023, Intel might not be far off.



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