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DXVK 1.5 Released- Direct3D 9 Support added

DXVK is a translation tool that translates Direct3D 11 /10 to Vulkan under Linux operating system and has now reached version 1.5 which also adds Direct3D 9 feature also.

In order to run Windows games on Linux, Wine (wine is not an emulator) or Valve’s Steam Play (which further uses DXVK). However, wine translates DirectX calls to OpenGL which might not be the most optimal path, especially considering CPU intensive games.

Below are the changes:

  • DXVK 1.5 now brings support Direct3D 9
  • improved HUD
    • Improved appearance and fixed an issue with some glyphs being placed incorrectly.
    • Memory allocation statistics now allows distinguishing between video memory and system memory allocations.
    • Draw call and queue submission statistics are now updated every 0.5 seconds.
  • Improved GUI
  • Bug fixes and improvements for games like Atelier Ryza, Crysis 3, Fifa 19, Halo MCC and Star Citizen

Know more about the latest version from Git source below. In order to use DXVK, it is recommended to use Lutris to install windows games and manage DXVK version to be used.




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