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Update: Download Available Microsoft Officially Announces Team for Linux

Update: Microsoft has announced public preview of Microsoft Teams for Linux which can be downloaded for 64bit Debian or Red Hat based Linux. This means that some features may not be available or work correctly. However, the company encourages the Linux community to download and install Microsoft Teams submit feedback based on their experience with the software so they can improve it in future releases.

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In shocking news, Microsoft has officially announced that it is actively working on its Team’s software port to Linux Operating System.

Microsoft has recently shown its tendency that it loves Linux and Open source, They are now one of the large contributors to Linux Kernel, have a subset of Linux inside windows and in recent year have also acquired Github which houses large open source software for collaborative development.

Microsoft Team is a platform which is a substitute for all other communication software of Microsoft integrating chat / video messaging/ collaborative work and storage.

The confirmation by Microsoft engineer is here.



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