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Open Source Painting and Illustration App Krita 5.0.0 Released- Faster with Massive Feature Updates

Ah, here we go again, and right before Christmas when Krita Foundation has announced the latest massive feature update to its open-source drawing application Krita and being a major version bump from the last release, this release packs a punch.

This version touch upon every aspect be it a new brush engine, speed, better animation tool, etc, but it also touches upon new features and one that is our favorite is the new fangle auto-recording feature. Let’s go through all the major updates here but for detailed release notes, we will link to the official page since those tons of changes cant be covered in this article.

  • Reocrding Painting Session: Starting off with the biggest change of all is introduction of recorder docker, Krita artists can now record a time-lapse video of their creative sessions.
  • Improved resource manager: Not only the resource manager is more efficeint (counsumes less RAM and is much faster) but has added faetures to add any folder as resource folder, mass tag brushes, delete and undelete resources, etc.
  • Better Gradients: Banding effects are gone with smooth gradients and support for wider colour gamut in gradients are added. Gradient editor UI also has more love.
  • Super Smudge Brush and reintroduction of Mypaint Brushes: The colour brush engine has be rewritten, this has resulted in more optimisation and added features like separation of color rate and color smudge. This version reintriduced mypaint brushes (and yes bring back the engine) thus making it compatible mypaint 1.2.
  • Animation Overhaul: RIP to old animation docker as its functionalty has now been moved to timeline itself. Kritas curve diokcer also has been redesigned with improved mouse control. Frames can now be cloned, so much easier for looping animations. videos and animated imgaes can now be inprted as krita animation. The nimation workspace is also nicer with work effient workflow.
new timeline
  • New Storyboarding Tool: Krita now has a Storyboard Docker that can be used to plan the shots and storytelling of complex shorts or films. Krita’s new storyboard docker has a lot of options for exporting your boards
New Story Boarding UI
  • UI improvement:
    • New icon setse
    • detachable brush editor
    • User install theme support added in Linux OS
    • Dockers can be locked so that they dont undock accidently
  • Brand new Perspective Assistant: Another our favorite addition, a brand new 2 point perspective assistant. This assistant keeps vanishing points reasonably spaced and on the horizon line, draws a grid to help visualize perspective distortion. The area of persepective can be limited. best for small windows of comics. here is the new perspective in action.
  • Layer improvement:
    • Drag and drop colour to canvas can fill in the whole canvas. a handy feature similar to procreate.
    • filter layer by seaching by name
    • paste directly into active layer
  • Command Search Bar: CRTL + Enter will bring up search bar where commands can be serached and apply. no more fiddling with menu bars.
  • New 5.0 Documentation: Documentation has been improved and now is upto date for new Krita 5.0 release
  • and more….

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Krita 5.0 brings and is capable of. For more details jump to the release notes here.

Download the latest version for your favorite platform from here.

Like what you see? Krita Foundation is running a donation drive vide development fund and you all can contribute to Krita even better.

Neat overview features of Krita 5.0



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