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Open Source Painting and Illustration App Krita 4.4.0 Released

Krita developers have pumped a new version which is faster then ever before and has new layer and brush features.

Here is the rundown of the major features:

Mutithread Enhancement: Fill layers can now make use of multi-threading making it much faster for people with multi core CPU

Transform Texture Pattern

Transformation of Pattern Fill: The pattern fill can now be transformed including rotation etc. Since the image speaks better than words, here is an example of the transformation of pattern fill.

New Fill LAyer Option: Want to generate a pattern using dots, square, lines etc? there is a new option for that too.

Walt Disney SeExpr

Introduction of SeExpr shader language: User by Walt Disney Studios, to generate textures and materials on the fly for their animations. Krita also has some default shaders to play with.

New Brush Features: Krita can now use using a combination of the new lightness parameter with the mix parameter & texture strength parameter to mix gradient mapped brush tips and textures.

and there are lots more changes which is out of the scope of this article. check the complete changelog from here.

Download your latest version for windows, Mac and Linux from here.




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