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New Improved KDE Plasma 5.20 Released

The open-source desktop environment using QT for the Unix-based operating system has a new release and brings lots of spit and polish and new panel enhancement.

Task Manager: The task manager is now icon-based, somewhat similar to windows 10. The same app windows are grouped and can be cycled by clicking them.

System Tray: the System Tray popup now shows items in a grid rather than a list

On-screen displays: On-screen displays that appear have been redesigned to be less obtrusive

Notification: you now get notified when your system is about to run out of space. Device Notifier applet has been renamed to Disks & Devices. unused audio devices are filtered out of the audio applet etc.

Wayland Support: The wayland implementation is much more nearer to Xserver now.

There is tons more to read and the same can be read here.

Here is a video to take a tour of new features




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