After A Series, Imagination announces B Series GPU IP

Not Long ago, Imagination Technologies introduced their A series GPU which was a significant update to their GPU portfolio. Now they are back with their next generation of GPU IPs dubbed B Series which can scale from IoT to datacenter thanks to its mGPU support. This is also considering that no commercial design using their A series GPU is known, this is a bold step.

Imagination promises that their new muticore GPU is upto 4 times more powerful due to decentralised multi core technology. It also comes with 30% less power consumption.

Chris Porthouse, Chief Product Officer, Imagination Technologies, says; “We’ve taken our sweet spot high-performance, power-optimised cores and incorporated an innovative decentralised approach to multi-core to deliver high-efficiency scaling and compatibility with industry trends such as chiplet architectures. This allows us to offer a range of performance levels and configurations not previously possible in GPU IP.”

Types of GPU Offered:

  • IMG BXE:  This entry-level GPU offers a resolution from 720p to 8K. This makes it perfect for UI rendering and entry-level gaming.
  • IMG BXM: This GPU aims at mid-range mobile gaming system.
  • IMG BXT: This 6 TFLOPs (Trillion Floating Operations per second) aims at high-performance and have 4 cores. This also handles AI operation up to 24 TOPS (Trillion Operations per second).
  • IMG BXS: This is aimed at automotive applications driving infotainment, digital cockpit, ADAS, autonomous driving

Apart from the above, These GPUs support Vulkan 1.2, OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + extensions, OpenCL 3.0, and Android NN HAL. Imagination has also baked in support for IMGIC which it claims is “the most advanced image compression technology in the market. It offers up to four levels of compression, from pixel-perfect lossless modes to an extreme bandwidth-saving mode, which offers a guaranteed 4:1 or better compression rate.




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