Qualcomm unveils world’s biggest fingerprint sensor

Qualcomm was first to introduce an in-display fingerprint scanner and last year launched 3D Sonic Sensor. Now Qualcomm has released its upgraded version called 3D Sonic Max.

The major feature involved is size as the 3D Sonic Max has 17X greater area of fingerprint recognition than the previous generation. This allows easy fingerprint recognition as the user is not restricted to a small area. This also gives this fingerprint sensor the title of world’s largest fingerprint scanner.

This can also recognize 2 fingers simultaneously and thus increasing security.

This is not a SOC bundled module which means manufacturers have to license this separately than the SOC and can be mixed and match with any other SOC (including other manufacturers like MediaTek)

Samsung was already using Qualcomm’s previous-gen fingerprint scanner and could be the next customer.



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