Samsung Removes Linux on Dex Support from Mobiles

Dex support or what we interpret it as Desktop environment support in selected Samsung Galaxy phones have special support where a full blown Linux could be used when the phone was connected to an external display.

Samsung is now announcing via email that the Linux Dex beta support is being ended and will no longer provide support on future OS and device releases.

Further, future phones being updated to Android 10 will get Linux on dex removed altogether.

Although Samsung provided an LTS but old Ubuntu environment with Linux on Dex, it seems the convergent desktop environment responsibility now lies on Librem and PinePhones (They are Linux based mobile phones which we have covered before).

Additionally, so that people don’t get scared too much, regular Dex support is still intact which converts Android into a desktop environment.

Before we bid adieu to Linux on Dex feature, let’s see the last video in action shall we?



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