Glimpse- Open source Image Manipulation Program gets a Release

Glimpse, which looks exactly like Gimp, because its a fork of GIMP, another open source image manipulation program has a new release.

We have already reported that glimpse is a fork of popular but controversial program called GIMP, so that the name could be changed for broader acceptance and maybe, just maybe they will get faster releases with new features.

This version of Glimpse 0.1.0 is based on GIMP release 2.10.12 which is slightly older than current GIMP release but the good news is that every features, plugins etc work as intended.

So what has changed?

Its the branding, all references, including the mascot used in GIMP has been changed or removed. However, the team behind Glimpse is hoping to add more features, refinement, change in user interface etc.

A brand new logo

Oh and let’s not forget the Glimpse now has a brand new icon. That is so important, right? Not to mention the icon is very appropriate and reflects the intention of the program. The logo clearly shows multiple layers which is a staple of these sort of programs.

Read the release announcement here.

Download the latest version from here.



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