Google Maps is getting detailed Voice-Guided Navigation

Google is aiming for maps enhancement for people who have some visual impairment. In this regard, the Mountain View company is launching a detailed voice-guided system.

This feature is a boon to not only visually impaired person but will also help with people who would like to have more hands and eyes-free experience by just hearing the detailed direction.

As per google

I hope this new technology will give more people added confidence when navigating unfamiliar routes–after all, building for everyone is core to our work at Google. 
While this new feature can be enormously helpful to people with visual impairments, it can also help someone who wants a more screen-free experience on their next walking trip. Similar to the announcements you might hear at crosswalks or on a bus, everyone can benefit from it. Not everyone will need this level of assistance, but it’s great to know it’s available and only a tap away.

The video demonstrating the feature is embedded below:

The link to the announcement is here.



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