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Kdenlive 19.08.2 is out

The open source multiplatform video editor Kdenlive 19.08 was released on August 2019 with major changes and now we have a bug fix releases dubbed 19.08.02.

List of bug fixes are as below:

  • Fix crash on composition resize.
  • Update MSYS2 build script.
  • Fix Windows audio screen grab (#344). 
  • Remove local reference to current project. 
  • Disable multitrack view on render. 
  • Fix clip duration incorrectly reset on profile change. Fixes #360. 
  • Fix compile warnings. 
  • Make affine filter bg color configurable. Fixes #343. 
  • Fix speed job in some locales. Fixes #346. 
  • Fix some remaining effectstack layout issues. 
  • Fix keyframes not deleted when clip start is resized/cut. 
  • Fix track effects not working when a clip is added at end of track or if last clip is resized. 
  • Add clickable field to copy automask keyframes. Fixes #23. 
  • Show track effect stack when clicking on it’s name. 
  • Fix crash trying to access clip properties when unavailable. 
  • Fix effectstack layout spacing issue introduced in recent commit. 
  • Fix proxy clips lost on opening project file with relative path..
  • Update AppData version. 
  • Cleanup effectstack layout. Fixes !58 #294. 
  • Fix mixed audio track sorting. 
  • Another fix for speed effect. 
  • Speed effect: fix negative speed incorrectly moving in/out and wrong thumbnails. 
  • Fix incorrect stabilize description.
  • Cleanup stabilize presets and job cancelation.
  • Deprecate videostab and videostab2, only keep vidstab filter. 
  • Fix cancel jobs not working. 
  • Fix some incorrect i18n calls. 
  • Don’t hardcode vidstab effect settings. 

Download the latest version here.



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