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Open Source Video Editor Kdenlive 19.12 is out

The open source multiplatform video editor Kdenlive has a new release after previous bug fix release called 19.12 which has over 200 commits. This edition brings huge performance improvements, a new audio mixer, master effects and host of bug fixes.

Below are the highlights:

  • Improved timeline responsiveness.
  • Fixes to timeline memory consumption.
  • Improvements to clip handling and caching.
  • Fine tune rendering threads settings for faster rendering.
  • Fixed lag when adding compositions.
  • New audio mixer with mute, solo and record functions.
  • Added ability to apply audio or video effects to all tracks. (Click the “Master” button above track headers to see master effect stack.)
  • Improvements to audio waveform display in the Project Bin and the Clip Monitor.
  • Always display search bar.
  • Clean-up and fix many buggy effects.
  • Fix favorite compositions broken.
  • Removed confusing favorites folder from the effects list.
  • Fix broken split effect comparison.
  • Improved interface of color wheels and bezier curves.
  • Custom filters work again.
  • Allow inserting values in Lift/Gamma/Gain effect.
  • Fix UI corruption on Windows/Intel drivers.
  • In settings menu: Add menu on Windows to switch between OpenGL modes.
  • Fixed screengrab.
  • Fix title clip created with incorrect duration.
  • Fix showing full-screen on dual monitor setup.
  • Fix detection of secondary screen for monitor full-screen.
  • Better audio clip colors in timeline.
  • Improve visibility of audio/video only drag icons in clip monitor.
  • Always overlay audio waveform in monitor for audio clips.
  • Fix screengrab crash.

Get full changelog.

Download the latest version here.



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