Epic Injects $25000 Grant to Open Source Painting App Krita

Epic is on a spending spree on open source projects where they have recently given a grant to open-source 3D Animation software Blender and they have now given attention one of the best raster graphics tool for graphic designers and illustrators called Krita with $25K.

The purpose of this grant is to fund improvements to Krita’s development process. Krita Foundation can maybe hire more dedicated developers and may help in integrating Krita into game / art development pipeline.

About Epic

Epic Games are makers of one of the most popular game engines which is used in AAA games from Mobile, PC to Consoles. Epic has recently entered into game distribution platform competing with likes of Valve’s Steam.




Abhishek is a Finance Professional and has worked in multiple MNCs. However, he is also an avid tech reader and tinkerer with over 20 years of experience. His passions include 3D animation and drawing Illustrations. His creations can be viewed at