Real Life Images appear for Samsung’s New Clamshell Foldable Phone

Samsung made the news splash by becoming the first manufacturer to sell a foldable screen smartphone. The Phone had its own flaws and attracted attention, not in favor of Samsung. But Samsung is undeterred and has been teasing another foldable phone which is more akin to Motorola’s Razr phone.

New Images have appeared of the prototype of the foldable phone and it has confirmed punch hole foldable display. The UI displayed here is typical Samsung’s One UI affair. This phone folds in a clamshell making it extremely compact in folded format and unfolding it takes it to regular phone size. However, unlike Motorola’s Razr, this design does not have a protruding chin.

This also gets a front display when folded for notification purposes. But it is hard to see the full capability as Razr can use the display for selfie also.

This leak has multiple implications:

  1. The design seems to be in a ready state and might launch soon
  2. The leaks come out of China and as the rumor suggested, this device will we launched in China. So will this make a global appearance? no one knows except Samsung.




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