New Substance Painter announced by Adobe with Photoshop Brush Support

Adobe has dubbed this version as game changer as this version now has support for Photoshop Brushes. There is also an automatic UV unwrapping support baked in which was a long term goal set by Adobe and has now come into fruition.

What is Substance Painter?

Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture and renders your 3D meshes under a Physically-based environment. Unlike other software, textures can be directly painted on the models itself in 3d.

Major features in this release are as below:

  • Painter Brush Engine:
    • Photoshop brushes are now natively supported in Substance Painter and has 100 brushes prepacked.
    • New possibilities with expanded brush settings 
    • Introducing a new opacity blending mode
    • Better Tablet support
    • Improved brush preview 
  • Automatic UV Unwrapping available in beta in this new update. This tool automatically seams, unwraps and packs UVs for you if you import a 3D model that has no UV coordinates
  • Smooth curves with the new Paint Roller stroke
  • New filters and dynamic brushes 
  • The MatFx Oil Painting filter allows you to apply various classic painting styles to your textures.

In future Adobe also promises concerning UDIMs support where a beta is on the way! 




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