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Open Source 3D Texture Paint App ArmorPaint 0.8 Released- Ported to iOS

The open-source alternative to substance painter was already ported to android and iOS was in development. The good news is now that ArmorPaint 0.8 is released and is now officially supported on iOS albeit it is a more of cloud-based approach. This version update was primarily focused on bug fixing, but has also added tons of additional features. Vulkan support was added which brings the VKRT (Vulkan Raytracing) system (as of now for linux only).

While many new features are added, the main focus of this release is the stability, bug fixing and even better performance. I have had an amazing time developing ArmorPaint 0.8 and can not wait to continue onto 0.9. Thank you for making the project thrive.

ArmorPaint Notes

Apart from the above Notable changes are as below:

  • ArmorPaint cloud,
  • ray-traced rendering
  • baking,
  • refined UI,
  • decal layers,
  • unlimited masking,
  • edge wear materials
  • Improved .obj exporter
  • Improved ‘Bump’ material node
  • Improved nodes undo
  • Added ‘Picker’ material node
  • Pen – sensitivity’ option
  • others

The changes are too huge to list it over here and thus it is encouraged to visit the official notes page.

download ArmorPaint from here.



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