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Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS has renamed its shell from Unity to Lomiri

Ubports, the maintainers of Ubuntu touch based opensource mobile operating system have announced that they are renaming the name of its UI shell from Unity8 to Lomiri (Pronounced as low-mee-ree). The prime reason for the same is to avoid name clashes between the popular game development engine Unity.

Ubuntu Touch OS was grandly unveiled by Canonical, the makers of a popular Linux based operating system called Ubuntu as the convergent OS which boasted a single OS which can run on mobile, tablet and desktop. However, the project was later on abandoned as it was bleeding money and community support was getting difficult to get due to controversial decisions being made by Canonical.

However, the community at large took up the project in 2017 and now has started weening itself from some choices made by Canonical, one of them being the use of word Unity to describe its shell. They have also recently announced their move to 64Bit system and now working hard to bring this OS to open source mobile phones such as Librem and PinePhone

So what are the changes?

The shell: Unity8 will be renamed to Lomiri

The Toolkit: It will be now be called lomiri-ui-toolkit

Download manager: Will be renamed from ubuntu-download-manager to lomiri-download-manager.

Well if you are thinking why even the Ubuntu name is being taken off, well for one that since these packages are now being made available to all Linux projects including Fedora, Debian, etc, bringing Ubuntu Name didn’t make much sense.

However, the project name i.e. the Operating System is still being called Ubuntu Touch.




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