Huawei Tablet To get iPad Like Features including looks

Android tablet dream ended long time ago and Apple’s tablet dream is running like… like a dream. Even the latest version of Android has a very limited support for the tablet. Only viable Android tablets are made by Samsung and that also can’t hold a candle in front of iPad. The next most popular tablet are just using the price to stay relevant (hint: Amazon Fire Tablet). So what do you do to make something that can mimic iPad’s success? well you copy the design.

Huawei is thinking to emulate iPad’s success by using a similar design and the latest leak by @evleaks shows how Huawei wants to one up iPad.


The tablet will sport thin bezel, so thin that it will be using punch hole camera. So this makes the world’s first tablet with a punch hole screen. The tablet will also have a similar keyboard and a drawing stylus too. A dual-camera will adorn the back side. USB C completes the connectivity package. So what else can be copied?

The Name

The tablet will be called MatePad Pro. Which is kind of similar to name of iPad Pro and if Huawei wants to make this a “pro”, then they must put in the most powerful SOC they have. So in this case we expect nothing less than Kirin 990.


Yes this will have Android OS. but which one? well everything points towards AOSP because Huawei still can’t use Google services.




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