Samsung Shuts Custom CPU Design- Layoff announced

The chatter was in the air that Samsung is planning to kill off its custom-designed ARM cores and shift to vanilla ARM cores. At the time of designing and manufacturing cores for Apple, Samsung had the upper hand in SOC design and was the best performing CPU in the mobile segment. But then Apple shifted to own in house design, Qualcomm woke up from its slumber, Huawei entered the scene and now for past few years, Samsung has been struggling with performance in their Exynos CPU.

Samsung has now officially stated that it is shutting down custom ARM CPU R&D office in Austin, Texas and in turn will be laying off 290 employees. Ouch! This is to be noted that the facility host 3000 employees who remain unaffected and the facility is still intact.

This means that the recent SOC announced by Samsung the Exynos 990 will be the last SOC to use Samsung custom cores.

There may be a ray of hope as this step might be just a cost saving measure in order to use AMD’s RDNA GPU design in their future SOC. Samsung had announced with AMD that it have licensed RDNA architecture and will bring the GPU design in the mobile segment.




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