Huawei gets Green Signal from ARM- Will get ARM v9

Huawei has been caught between USA vs China trade ban where USA is using Huawei as a pawn to negotiate. This has resulted in a trade ban of companies based in USA with Huawei. Huawei relies on these companies for both hardware and software usage.

ARM recently announced that since its ARM technologies has origin from USA, future product licensing to Huawei will be banned. Huawei license ARM cores to customize the same and sell it as Kirin SOC.

In a Major relief, ARM has now retracted its previous statement siting the grounds that its key technologies pertaining to ARM’s v8 and v9 are UK-origin technologies. ARM has comprehensively reviewed both the architecture and have determined their origin to based on UK.

This also confirms that ARM has ARM v8 in working.

This however still means that Huawei still cant used google services in its phones and will have to rely on AOSP Android unless the ban is lifted.



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