Maxwell Render 5 Released and is Faster

Next Limit Technologies has announced a new version of unbiased 3D render engine dubbed Maxwell 5.

What is Renderer?

A 3d renderer relies on other 3d programs to create assets such as human, car etc models. Such assets are given materials based on certain characteristics like metal, plastic etc and are then converted to final output with the process called rendering.


Unbiased render engine has the advantages of using real-world values and lighting algorithms so that the final output can look realistic

New Features

  • MultiGPU support– Maxwell engine can utilise more than GPU to render
  • Cloud render Service– The new cloud render service is integrated in Maxwell Studio and supported plugins. Just click a button and the Maxwell scene will be rendered by the fastest machines (96 cores) available in the cloud. 
  • Material with additive layer is now GPU ready– Materials with additive layers are now GPU-ready, increasing compatibility with the majority of Maxwell materials. 
  • Vray Scene import support- Import native V-Ray scenes and convert them to Maxwell automatically. Only supported in Maxwell Studio. Plugin integrations coming soon.
  • Improved interactivity- FIRE (Fast Interactive Render) is now faster and optimized to update instantly and reflect the changes in the scene, providing a great interactive workflow. 
  • Procedural texture– Add more variability and realism to your scene by randomizing texture properties automatically across multiple objects or tiled surfaces.
  • Light groups support– Lights can now be grouped and controlled like single emitters in the Multilight ’emixer’. Useful to keep MXI files more compact, reduce memory footprint and decrease complexity in scenes with lots of emitters

Get the new version here. For those interested in alternative which are open source and free version can check out LuxCorerender and Radeon Pro Render



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