LuxCoreRender 2.2 Released with Blender 2.80 support

The open source physically based rendering engine LuxCoreRender has a new release. Dubbed as LuxCoreRender 2.2, this new version has tons of new features.

what is luxcorerender and what is renderer in general?

A 3d renderer relies on other 3d programs to create assets such as human, car etc models. Such assets are given materials based on certain characteristics like metal, plastic etc and are then converted to final output with the process called rendering.

Luxcore Demo by SharlyBG (Link)

Luxcorerender has the advantages of using real-world values and lighting algorithms so that the final output can look realistic. This software is not only open source but is also free to use for any project. However, this process is very CPU intensive and thus slow according to scene complexity. The latest release now supports Intel’s Open Image Denoiser which can be result in faster rendering to the tune to 20X.

LuxCore major new features

  • PhotonGI indirect light cache
  • Integrated Intel Open Image Denoiser v1.0
  • New improved Random/Sobol sampler adaptive code
  • Front and back material transparency (aka light invisible object)
  • Added new textures: Power, Less Than, Greater Than, Dot Product, Position, Shading Normal, etc.
  • Shadow catcher is now easier to use with multiple light sources of any type
  • Added the support for new Disney BRDF material from Siggraph 2012 paper
  • Added Hybrid Back/Forward path tracing support
  • New Env. Visibility Map cache
  • Reworked Direct Light Sampling Cache

Latest version can be downloaded from link which is here.



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