Start Your Rendering Engine: Blender 2.82 Released with UDIM, USD Support, and Massive Physics Improvement

Boom! and here is the new Blender Version with new Physics capabilities to fire up your workflow literally. This comes right after the release of Blender 2.81 in November 2019 which added some industry demanded features and 2.82 takes it even one step further. The free and open-source 3D modeling, animation, rendering, compositing, video editing, sculpting software has tons of features in a short time which are listed below.

New Physics Capability: Blender’s simulations got a major bump with a brand new physically-based liquid/gas simulation system using Mantaflow and improvements in cloth physics. This allows to create great fire and smoke simulation and liquid simulation also gets flip solver. The Cloth simulation is also massively improved.

UDIM and USD Support: The popular tile-based UV mapping system called UDIM is now fully integrated into Blender’s pipeline The Pixar’s file format USD is also now supported in Blender.

Custom Shader AOVs: AOV Output node can be put anywhere in your shader node tree and will be exposed as a custom render pass.

Faster Rendering on Windows: BVH build time on Windows has been significantly reduced by using a better memory allocator, making it similar to Linux and macOS performance

Node Improvement

AI Denoiser from Nvidia: Cycles now supports the AI-Accelerated Denoiser from OptiX, for NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.

Powerful Sculpting Improvement: Sculpting mode now has

  • New Tools
  • New Operators
  • Pose Brush: Our favorite, pose your model without bones.
  • Other Brush Updates including cursor improvements.
  • Paint enhancement

Grease Pencil Improvement:

  • New improved User Interface
  • New Operators
  • New tools (eye dropper and polyline primitive)
  • New modifiers – Multi Stroke

New User Interface Enhancement: New Gizmos (including UV gizmos), custom face orientation color, brush setting overhaul, industry compatible keymap etc.

The list of changes are so massive that covering everything is beyond the scope of this article. Check out the feature video and the release notes.

Download the latest version from here.



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