Blender to Get New Cloth Brush

We don’t generally publish features that are not yet in the final stage but boy this new brush under sculpting mode in open source 3d application Blender pops our eyes.

See the brush in action:

This is freaking amazing for people who would like to add folds in clothes. Pablo Dobarro, the developer of Blender is killing with so many new features being added. we covered a dedicated article on this guy’s work which can be read here.


  • this works under sculpt mode
  • works real time
  • grab, drag and pinch function
  • works in localized area

As amazing as this looks, but there are still some known issues:

  • Multiple TODOs in the code
  • We need to find a way to determine how many nodes are enough to avoid producing artifacts near the edges of the active simulation. Adding some kind of falloff when writing the simulation to the vertices or adding constraints near the edges of the brush may help.
  • The way constraints are created is extremely basic and it creates repeated constraints. Maybe there is another way to create fewer constraints while keeping the simulation quality decent. This part can also be multithreaded.
  • The grab brush needs to change the stroke mode, but I would like to avoid splitting this into 4 different brushes. This needs to be added to the brush input code.




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