Blender 2.81 Sculpt Mode Development- The Story so far

Blender the open source and free (yay) 3d suit is developing at breakneck speed after hitting 2.80 with robust industry adoption rate and support like from Nvidia and AMD. But Blender Foundation is not sitting on their laurels and blender is moving full steam ahead towards the next version i.e. 2.81.

Now the version bump should not be considered minor as the changes involved are huge, including denoise feature that could potentially improve render times upto 90%, the major improvement involved is in sculpt mode. Although this doesn’t take it at par with Zbrush, but does take it closer to making a sculpting powerhouse.

Our favorite changes of the lot is pose mode in sculpting mode which makes the sculpting mode a standalone model to final render product. There is no rigidity involved in fixed bones structure and weight painting challenge.

This in combination with the transform tool that can be used in sculpt mode makes it super easy for tablet users. Also the brush preview along with normals make it very easy and yes, kind of similar to zbrush.

Apart from this, there are tons of changes in brushes and performance improvements are phenomenal. All the changes are in Blender’s Master Branch and will be available in Blender 2.81.

Instead of babbling more, we will let the tweets with live preview do the talking, so “please be excited”.

Texture Mesh Filter

Scuplt Mask Slice

Change Tip Shape of CLay Brush

Multiplane Scrape Brush

Dynamic Brush mode



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