Zbrush 2020 is released

Zbrush is one of the best 3d sculpting software in the world and Pixologic has announced the release of the latest version i.e. ZBrush 2020. 

New features include:

  • ability to sculpt and paint in Morph UV,
  • 3 new XTractor brushes for converting model detail to an alpha,
  • a new history paint brush,
  • the ability to apply details to anything that is directly inline with the cursor,
  • adjust by colour tools and more. 
  • aid 3d printing including display modes to show a visual representation of wall thickness,
  • real-time draft analyses for preparing models to several manufacturing processes,
  • the ability to calculate surface areas and volume. 

What is Zbrush?

Its a software to create hi-resolution 3d models. unlike other 3d modeling techniques, models are not created polygon by polygon but by using pull, push, squash, scrape, manipulate 3d object. This is akin to clay sculpting in real life.

See more by visiting the Pixologic website

Feature video for 2020 is embeded below:



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