Nvidia Launches Shield TV & Shield Tv Pro with 4K AI Upscaling

After waiting 2 years and a couple of teases, the official announcement is here. Nvidia has launched not one, but two shield devices.

the 2017 version came with Tegra X1 which is king of old compared to today’s standard but is still not a slouch for an Android TV Box. The current shield boasts Tegra X1+ which delivers upto 25% better performance than predecessors.

The latest buzz word is also involved with the new Shield TV i.e. A.I. The New boxes not only have 4K HDR output but can also upscale HD video to 4K using AI upscaler. Speaking of output, Shield TV also supports Dolby Vision.

The remote was already leaked which has motion activated backlit button. Voice search is also baked in as usual.

So what is the difference between Pro and Non Pro version?

Well nothing much, except that with pro version you get an extra two USB ports. Also that pro costs $199 and non pro for $149. Rest are just looks.

Level up with the official announcement.



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