Nvidia Shield TV Dongle Leaked by Newegg

Nvidia has woken up from the slumber regarding its Android TV based Shield hardware and the leaks are coming from ecommerce behemoths. This time from Newegg which has “accidently” revealed Nvidia’s Shield TV Dongle.

Unlike full fledged Shield Tablet and TV bix, this is a very tiny dongle esque device which has

Nvidia Tegra Z1+ SOC: Which is 25% faster than the previous generation

AI upscaler to enhance HD video to 4K

Voice Control: Full-fledged google assistant integrated.

Gigabit Ethernet port

HDMI out to stream up to 4K HDR content with HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

8GB of memory

USB-C port.

Bluetooth for audio

dual-band Wi-Fi



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