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Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine is Available

The latest Linux desktop operating system Ubuntu 19.10 is now available to download and with it comes some new features as well.

Gnome 3.34.1

Updated gnome brings new wallpaper settings, night light support, a dark theme, grouping of applications etc.

Proprietary Driver support out of the box

Nvidia Drivers are included in ISO itself and users can choose to install open source or proprietary drivers right off the bat.

Updated Yaru themes

Now has more finesse and new icons.

LZ4 Compression for faster Startup

The initramfs file system is loaded when Ubuntu boots up and is compressed. LZ4 helps in decompressing faster and results in faster boot times.

Experimental ZFS file system support

ZFS was developed by sun microsystem and this file system has data loss prevention system with snapshot facility where the system can be restored from a restore point anytime.

Other Flavours

Other Flavours include Mate with Mate Desktop, Xubuntu with XFCE desktop, Budgie with Budgie Desktop, Kubuntu with KDE, and Studio.

Should you upgrade?

Updates are always important in software world and an upgrade is always recommended from security perspectives. Apart from this users get updated features. So go ahead and install it.



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